Co-hosts Brad Bellegarde and Tai Reign on the set of RezX. Image capture from RezX on YouTube. 

It’s a wrap!

RezX completes its final show of the 2023 season

By Kuaile Wei

RezX is wrapping up the last episode for its 2023 season.

“We just have one more episode in the current season. (We’re) shooting and wrapping up the final show of the season,” said Chris Ross, associate producer at Access Communications and founder of RezX.

The Indigenous lifestyles show has been airing on AccessNowTV since 2015. 

“RezX is about lifting up other Indigenous people in the community who are doing good things for the community and themselves,” explained Ross.

There’s a lot of jokes and laughter, too. “We’re not so serious about everything…because laughter is healing.”

Brad Bellegarde, a.k.a. Infored, has completed his third season as co-host.

According to Ross, Bellegarde plays an important liaison role because he has so many contacts in the community.

Bellegarde is joined by co-hosts Tai Reign and Shay Braybant, who are both two-spirit. Ross said it’s important to normalize LGBTQAI2S+ voices.

“We’re very excited to have them on our show. They provide an entirely different voice that we’ve never had,” Ross said. “We feel that audience is very important because in our community we really embrace two-spirit people, we really embrace that part of our culture.”

And he hinted to viewers that RezX may do a Christmas special this year.

Describing his overall vision, Ross said, “I don’t really consider myself as a journalist. I consider myself an Indigenous storyteller.” 

Ross said he feels what he is doing is a little different from journalism – more lengthy stories and more lifestyle-oriented.

He has been an associate producer at Access for almost two years now.

“Thank you to all my mentors and teachers and former bosses and everybody for supporting my goals and supporting RezX,” said Ross. “I have the time to tell stories to a larger audience.”

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