Indigenous Peoples, Media & Democracy Conference – May 7, 2024, Regina

May 7, 2024
First Nations University of Canada
Regina Campus

In this first ever Indigenous Peoples, Media & Democracy conference, participants will meet Indigenous content-creators, journalists, publishers & educators and participate in discussions about the impact of media on our lives and on democratic processes in Canada. Participants will learn more about story and content sharing through new media streams, trauma-informed education for storytellers, the case for revitalizing a mainstream media core, and the how this intersects with democracy. Together, we will explore the freedom Indigenous peoples need over the content they share, the platforms on which they share their stories and data, and what this means for our meaningful participation in democracy in Canada.

Registration includes meals and parking.

This event is a partnership between First Nations University of Canada and The Canadian Digital Media Research Network (CDMRN) at McGill University.

The Canadian Digital Media Research Network (CDMRN) is a pioneering initiative committed to fortifying and fostering resilience within Canada’s unique information ecosystem. Its mission is to understand the dynamics of information production, dissemination, and consumption across digital media with the goal of empowering Canadians to navigate the complexities of the modern digital age.


8:00am: Pipe Ceremony
9:00am: Opening Remarks
9:15am: Breakfast – Keynote – Kim Wheeler
10:00am: Creating Our Own Spaces in the Digital World – Podcasting, TikTok, and Content
10:45am: Health Break
11:00am: Digital Protocols and Protecting Our Stories Online
12:00pm: LUNCH
1:00pm: Trauma-Informed Education for Journalists/Storytellers
2:15pm: Democracy and the Meta-Ban – Sharing Our Stories Online
3:00pm: Health Break
3:15pm: Reconciliation & the Role of the Journalist: The Case for Mainstream Media
**Presentation and Journalist’s Panel
4:30pm: Break
5:00pm: Supper
6:00pm: Keynote: Connie Walker
8:00pm: Evening Ends