Kuaile Wei outside First Nations University of Canada. Photo by Axin Xie.

Chinese exchange student tries out journalism studies at First Nations University

By Axin Xie

Kuaile Wei, a college student from China, has embarked on a four-month study exchange at the University of Regina. Her studies include taking a journalism course at First Nations University of Canada. 

The 21-year-old is full of curiosity and excitement for new things, but also full of fear for the unknown.

“Somebody’s gotta win. Why not me?” she said.

She found her first assignment, interviewing Chris Ross who is an associate producer at Regina’s community TV station, was challenging. 

Of course, the road paved with flowers is always covered with thorns. Faced with the interview task assigned by the teacher, she lost confidence and felt timid.

So she wrote in advance what she needed to say in the interview and practiced it repeatedly. 

Then she summoned up the courage to call Ross.

As a student majoring in journalism and communication from China, she was very happy to have this opportunity to study in Canada.

She said she also deeply understood that this was a valuable opportunity for self-growth and new horizons, so she chose the journalism course of the First Nations University. 

She welcomed the chance to learn about different cultural backgrounds. Even though the road ahead is full of unknowns, these benefits made her choose this course.

Kuaile Wei said doing the interview gave her gifts of growth, courage, confidence, and English improvement. She feels the four-month exchange, though brief, will be the experience of a lifetime.

Her attitude is that it’s better to chase the wind than to wait for it. When you start to do unknown things, you are already winning.  

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