Accounting for Colonialism

Students in INCA 391 spent the Winter 2023 studying the lasting negative impacts of the Default Prevention and Management Policy, a federally imposed policy that resulted in First Nations losing control over needed infrastructure dollars. Student explored the data, interviewed affected people, and followed the money. In three radio roundtables, they describe their project, how they did it, and what they learned.

Episode 1: Why it matters
Episode 2: How we did the investigation
Episode 3: Solutions for the future

Journalists: Bee Bird, Joe Camplin, Cole Cappo, Nicole Garn, Maggie Jones, Attiya Munar, Logan Oakes, Sarah Onyango. Studio Technician & Editor: Bee Bird. Host: Shannon Avison. Faculty Supervisor: Trish Elliott
Episode 1 – Cat Zens, Bee Bird, Josh Huang (online), Host Shannon Avison, Sarah Onyango
Episode 2 – Maggie Jones, Bee Bird, Shannon Avison, Nicole Garn, Attiya Munar
Episode 3 – Bee Bird, Cole Cappo (online), Shannon Avison, Joe Camplin, Logan Oakes